2015 Season
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
3 Taylor ThurberRR5'11"18507/29/1993Appalachian State ('15)Mooresville, NCRookie-1
10 Clark LabitanRR5'10"18509/02/90SchaumburgSan Diego, Calif.Experienced
11 Kagen HopkinsRR5'11"19006/17/1991Gary SouthShore Railcats ('14)Vacaville, CARookie-2
16 Hideyoshi OtakeRR5'11"1907/26/1988Toyama Thunderbirds ('13)Kuki, JapanRookie-1
17 Evan BoydLR6'4"19512/9/1990Mercer University ('13)Albany, GARookie-1
24 Lance PhillipsLR6'3"19505/05/1993Evansville Otters ('15)Nacogdoches, TexasRookie-1
26 Jake JoyceRR6-01858/19/1991AuburnMartinsville, Va.Rookie-2
33 Brett MabryRR6'3"21011/12/1990East Carolina UniversityShelby, N.C.Rookie-1
37 Dexter PriceRR6'7"2308/8/1990SchaumburgColorado Springs, Colo.Experienced
41 Eddie CodyRR5'11"2154/2/1991SchaumburgLantana, Fla.Rookie-2
47 Peter GehleLL6'6"24001/15/1988Lake Erie ('15)Flagstaff, AZExperienced
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
7 Mike ValadezRR6'1"2205/31/1986SchaumburgPasadena, Calif.Veteran-2
18 Jared WelchRR6'1"19502/20/1992Gateway Grizzlies ('15)Alpharetta, GARookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
15 Ryan BrockettRR5'9"17012/03/1989Gary SouthShore Railcats ('15)Guilford, CTExperienced
21 Cameron SherrerLR6'0"18512/19/1988SchaumburgMesa, Ariz.Rookie-2
28 Robby SpencerRR5'10"18501/18/1993Winnipeg ('15)El Paso, TexasRookie-1
35 TJ BennettLR6'3"21007/22/1992Joplin Blasters ('15)Mesa, AZRookie-2
48 Willi MartinRR6'4"22009/02/1991Southeastern ('15)Tampa, FLRookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
5 Alexi ColonLL5'9"18410/10/1989SchaumburgMillville, N.J.Experienced
9 Kyle RuchimRR5'10"19508/11/1992Northwestern ('15)Buffalo Grove, ILRookie-1
14 Kenny KirshnerLL6'0"19504/06/1992St. Thomas Aquinas College ('14)Cornwall on Hudson, NYRookie-1
20 Connor WalshLL6'3"18509/29/1992Citadel Bulldogs ('15)Jupiter, FLRookie-1
31 John MenkenRR6'3"22001/23/1993Winthrop ('15)Bartlett, ILRookie-1
44 Ty NelsonRR6'0"2108/1/1988Lake Erie ('15)Knoxville, Tenn.Experienced
Injured Reserve
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
23 Justin VasquezLL5'10"19512/27/1988SchaumburgPalm City, Fla.Experienced
30 Jordan DeanRR5'10"1858/12/1990SchaumburgMidland, Mich.Experienced
Inactive List
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
Mike SchulzeLR6'0"1751/16/1992PeoriaLee's Summitt, Mo.Experienced
Ryan McChesneyLR6'0"2152/3/1990SchaumburgLehigh Acres, Fla.Rookie-2
Mike OreficeLL5'10"2005/19/1991Marist College ('13)Wappingers Falls, NYRookie-1
Joel HutterRR6'2"2052/28/1990FrederickDavenport, IowaExperienced
Cal BowlingRR6'2"21010/22/1989SchaumburgYorktown, Ind.Experienced
Joe De PintoRR6'1"1904/3/1989Birmingham/SchaumburgSunland, Calif.Experienced
Bobby MartinRR6'0"1853/2/1990SchaumburgRedondo Beach, Calif.Experienced

Frontier League Roster Rules

Club rosters will be composed of a minimum of 22 active players and a maximum of 24 active players. During the off-season, clubs will be allowed a maximum of 34 players under contract and on the active roster. No player may be 27 years old prior to January 1 of that season with the exception of one Veteran Player (see below). Each club must carry a minimum of 9 rookies (22 man roster), 10 rookies (23-man roster) or 11 rookies (24-man roster). A team may only have one Veteran player on their active roster at any time.

Players are to be categorized in the following classifications:

Rookie-1 Classification: The Rookie-1 sub-classification will be for players who made their professional debut in the current season and therefore have no prior experience.

Rookie-2 Classification: The Rookie-2 sub-classification will be for players who held the Rookie-1 sub-classification in the previous year in the Frontier League (regardless of the number of at bats, innings pitched, or pitching appearances) or began their professional career during the previous season.

Experienced Classification: The Experienced classification is for all players who do not meet requirements to be classified under the Rookie or Veteran classifications.

Veteran Classification: The Veteran classification is for a player who is over 27 years of age but is not yet 30 prior to January 1 of that season. The player must have been listed on a Frontier League active roster or injured list for a total of 100 regular season games combined during the previous two seasons.