2018 Season
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
7 Darrell ThompsonRL6-41854/27/94Gary Southshore RailcatsMiddletown, VARookie-1
18 Ivan VietezLR6-21705/8/93St. Paul SaintsHialeah, FLExperienced
19 Dylan StutsmanRR5-101654/27/96U of Indianapolis '18Bloomington, INRookie-1
29 Gunnar KinesLL6-42357/25/93Brooklyn CyclonesMurrells Inlet, SCExperienced
31 Quinn DiPasqualeRR6-021511/14/95Gary SouthShore RailcatsChester, NHRookie-1
32 James MulryLL6-32352/21/94OttawaBoston, MARookie-2
33 Chris PowellRR6-21859/21/92Martinez Clippers ('18)Upland, CAExperienced
34 Payton LobdellRR6-11809/4/93Lake ErieHunington Beach, CARookie-2
40 Sam MyersRR6-223012/23/94Gary ('18)Beaver, UTRookie-2
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
24 Nick OddoLR6-02005/1/92Schaumburg BoomersWhitter, CARookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
5 Jack ParentyLR5-916010/5/93Schaumburg BoomersWantagh, N.Y.Rookie-2
14 Collin FergusonLL6-22152/9/93Lancaster JetHawksSanta Cruz, CAExperienced
15 Tyler WolfeRR6-01959/21/93Sioux FallsMaple Plain, MNExperienced
17 Michael HartnagelRR5-101703/30/95Butler University ('18)Brownsburg, INRookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
3 Clint HardyRR6-22105/1/95Traverse CityEvans, GARookie-1
8 Ty MooreLR6-01907/26/93Sioux CityIrvine, CAExperienced
21 Dylan JonesLL5-111504/11/95Flagler College (FL)Fombell, PARookie-1

Frontier League Roster Rules

Club rosters will be composed of a minimum of 22 active players and a maximum of 24 active players. During the off-season, clubs will be allowed a maximum of 34 players under contract and on the active roster. No player may be 27 years old prior to January 1 of that season with the exception of one Veteran Player (see below). Each club must carry a minimum of 9 rookies (22 man roster), 10 rookies (23-man roster) or 11 rookies (24-man roster). A team may only have one Veteran player on their active roster at any time.

Players are to be categorized in the following classifications:

Rookie-1 Classification: The Rookie-1 sub-classification will be for players who made their professional debut in the current season and therefore have no prior experience.

Rookie-2 Classification: The Rookie-2 sub-classification will be for players who held the Rookie-1 sub-classification in the previous year in the Frontier League (regardless of the number of at bats, innings pitched, or pitching appearances) or began their professional career during the previous season.

Experienced Classification: The Experienced classification is for all players who do not meet requirements to be classified under the Rookie or Veteran classifications.