2016 Season
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
11 Derek DeYoungRR6'2"18512/17/91Vermont Lake MonstersPlainfield, ILRookie-2
13 Austin KerrLL6'0"18504/07/93Coastal Carolina University ('15)Chester, SCRookie-1
14 Kagen HopkinsRR5'11"19006/17/91SchaumburgVacaville, CARookie-2
17 Evan BoydLR6'4"19512/09/90SchaumburgAlbany, GARookie-2
19 Patrick DolanRR6'2"19503/15/90Rockford AviatorsSummerville, SCRookie-2
26 Jake JoyceRR6-018508/19/91SchaumburgMartinsville, VAExperienced
29 Gunnar KinesLL6'4"23507/25/93Greensboro GrasshoppersMurrells Inlet, SCRookie-2
32 Kenneth KnudsenRR6'2"20509/15/92Bryan College (TN)Sugar Hill, GARookie-1
33 Brett MabryRR6'3"21011/12/90SchaumburgShelby, NCRookie-2
35 Scott SchultzRR6'3"21512/15/91Kane County CougarsGig Harbor, WAExperienced
41 Kurt LipscombRR6'2"21004/10/92Faulkner University ('16)Anniston, ALRookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
9 Jack CockrumLR6'1"20503/31/93University of West AlabamaPrairieville, LARookie-1
25 James KellerRR6'1"21505/03/93University of Mary Washington ('16)Fredericksburg, VARookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
3 Mikal HillBR5'11"19005/25/93UNC CharlotteCharlotte, NCRookie-1
10 Kenny TownsRR5'11"19012/19/92Inland Empire 66ers ('16)Burke, VARookie-2
30 Jordan DeanRR5'10"18508/12/90SchaumburgMidland, MIExperienced
31 Nick ObergRR6'1"19009/07/93Flagler '16Palm Beach Gardens, FLRookie-1
40 Mike McClellanRR6'4"23001/14/94Columbus State UniversityMcDonough, GARookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
6 Tobias MorenoLR6'0"17503/01/93Embay-Riddle University ('16)Jacksonville, FLRookie-1
16 Argenis AldazoroLL6'1"19009/17/92Dayton DragonsBarinas, VenezuelaExperienced
20 Mark NelsonLR6'3"20003/09/91Salem-KeizerOrlando, FLExperienced
21 Daniel HoyRR5'9"18007/01/93Princeton University ('16)Sellersville, PARookie-1
Injured Reserve
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
8 Paul KronenfeldRL6'3"2159/27/91DaytonTampa, FLExperienced
18 Tillman PughRR6'0"20002/19/89Gary-SouthShore RailcatsOakland, CAExperienced
12 Zack WeigelLL6'0"18004/08/94Seton Hall University ('16)Oak Park, ILRookie-1
Inactive List
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
10 Clark LabitanRR5'10"18509/02/90SchaumburgSan Diego, CAExperienced
28 Anthony SmithRR6'4"21510/14/89SchaumburgTwentynine Palms, CAExperienced
Preston JamisonLL6'6"22503/02/93ConnecticutTuscan, AZExperienced

Frontier League Roster Rules

Club rosters will be composed of a minimum of 22 active players and a maximum of 24 active players. During the off-season, clubs will be allowed a maximum of 34 players under contract and on the active roster. No player may be 27 years old prior to January 1 of that season with the exception of one Veteran Player (see below). Each club must carry a minimum of 9 rookies (22 man roster), 10 rookies (23-man roster) or 11 rookies (24-man roster). A team may only have one Veteran player on their active roster at any time.

Players are to be categorized in the following classifications:

Rookie-1 Classification: The Rookie-1 sub-classification will be for players who made their professional debut in the current season and therefore have no prior experience.

Rookie-2 Classification: The Rookie-2 sub-classification will be for players who held the Rookie-1 sub-classification in the previous year in the Frontier League (regardless of the number of at bats, innings pitched, or pitching appearances) or began their professional career during the previous season.

Experienced Classification: The Experienced classification is for all players who do not meet requirements to be classified under the Rookie or Veteran classifications.

Veteran Classification: The Veteran classification is for a player who is over 27 years of age but is not yet 30 prior to January 1 of that season. The player must have been listed on a Frontier League active roster or injured list for a total of 100 regular season games combined during the previous two seasons.