2017 Season
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
11 Derek DeYoungRR6'2"18512/17/91Schaumburg BoomersPlainfield, ILExperienced
13 Michael WoodRR6-020507/22/95Tennessee Tech ('17)Olalla, Wash.Rookie-1
14 Kagen HopkinsRR5'11"19006/17/91Schaumburg BoomersVacaville, CAExperienced
25 Kit FowlerRR6-119005/23/94Tennessee Tech ('17)Marco Island, Fla.Rookie-1
26 Jake JoyceRR6-018508/19/91Schaumburg BoomersMartinsville, VAExperienced
30 Garrett KellyRR6'1"20008/02/1994GCL TwinsFresno, CARookie-2
35 Brandon QuinteroRR6-22002/2/94Winnipeg ('17)La Habra, Calif.Rookie-2
40 Joe HauserRR6'6"22509/28/93Gary Southshore Railcats ('17)Georgetown, TXRookie-1
44 Lars LigouriLL6'1"20510/29/90Schaumburg BoomersScottsdale, AZExperienced
47 Kyle WestwoodRR6-32104/13/91Cleburne ('17)Tampa, Fla.Experienced
32 Isaac SanchezRR6'1"19810/14/1992Bakersfield BlazeRound Lake, ILExperienced
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
16 James KellerRR6'1"21505/03/93Schaumburg BoomersFredericksburg, VARookie-2
24 Nick OddoLR6'0"20005/01/1992Pittsburg DiamondsWhitter, CARookie-1
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
17 Michael HartnagelRR5-1017003/30/95BOOMERSBrownsburg, INRookie-1
5 Jack ParentyLR5-916010/5/93Stony Brook Univ.Wantagh, N.Y.Rookie-1
7 Cosimo CannellaRR6'3"22002/12/1994Missouri Western StateSchaumburg, ILRookie-1
9 Kenny TownsRR5'11"19012/19/92Schaumburg BoomersBurke, VARookie-2
10 Josh GardinerRR5-917506/19/93Pulaski YankeesLignum, VARookie-2
15 Opie BrodbeckLR5-101851/22/93GCL CardinalsPalm Harbor, Fla.Experienced
19 John HollandLR6-018504/16/93Gary ('17)Johns Creek, GARookie-2
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
8 Kyle RuchimRR5'10"19508/11/1992AZL White SoxBuffalo Grove, ILRookie-2
12 Zack WeigelLL6-018004/08/94Schaumburg BoomersOak Park, ILRookie-2
31 Sean GodfreyRR6'2"19501/02/1992GCL BravesNew Albany, INExperienced
Injured List
No.NameBTHTWTBirthdateLast TeamResidesStatus
34 Payton LobdellRR6-11809/4/93Lake ErieHunington Beach, CARookie-2


Frontier League Roster Rules

Regular season and playoff club rosters will be composed of a minimum of 22 active players and a maximum of 24 active players. Each club must carry a minimum of twelve (12) rookies (combination of R1 and R2 players) with no professional experience other than specified below and may carry a maximum of twelve (12) players with unlimited professional experience during the regular season and playoffs.

No player or player/coach may have attained twenty-seven (27) years of age prior to October 1 of that playing season with the exception of the one Veteran classification player described below. For the 2019 season, players must have been born on or after October 1, 1992 to be eligible. Players without prior affiliated baseball (MiLB) experience must be at least 18 years old to play in the Frontier League.

Players are to be categorized in the following classifications:

  • Rookie-1 Classification: Players who made their professional debut in the current season and therefore have no prior experience, or whose experience does not meet the minimum appearances listed below.
  • Rookie-2 Classification: Players who have one year of professional experience
  • Experienced-1 Classification: The Experienced-1 classification is for players who held, or would have held if they played in the Frontier League, the Rookie-2 classification in the previous season, subject to the minimum appearances described below.
  • Experienced-2 Classification: The Experienced-2 classification is for all players who do not meet the requirements to be classified under the Rookie, Experienced-1, or Veteran classifications
  • Veteran Classification: The Veteran classification is for a player who is over twenty-seven (27) years of age but has not attained twenty-eight (28) years of age prior to October 1 of that playing season. The player must have been listed on a Frontier League active roster or injured list for at least 100 games of the previous two seasons. A player whose contract has been purchased by an affiliated baseball team will have up to 50 games with the affiliated organization counted as if he was still on the Frontier League roster provided that the Frontier League team held an option on the player.

For exceptions and for more information visit: https://www.frontierleague.com/league/player-eligibility/