Boomers Bookworms is a reading incentive program presented by the Schaumburg Boomers and Wintrust Community Banks. The program is designed to help promote a lifelong love of reading and baseball in children through a partnership with local schools. All students from Pre-K through 8th Grade are invited to participate.  

Boomers Bookworms incentivizes students to read outside the classroom by rewarding them for reaching specific goals set by their teachers. Students completing their assigned reading earn TWO great Boomers prizes—two (2) free ticket to any 2020 season Boomers game! 

Educators who are interested in signing their students up for Boomers Bookworms are asked to fill out the enrollment form BELOW, or contact the Boomers by calling 847.461.3695 or emailing our Community Relations Department at


Boomers Bookworms
Teachers and Administrators, sign your school up to participate in Boomers Bookworms. A Boomers staff member will confirm your enrollment as completion of this form does not guarantee admission into the program. The Boomers reserve the right to cap enrollment at any time.
BOLD denotes a required field.