While you enjoy your next Boomers game, take note of the many fine companies that have chosen to be a part of the Boomers Baseball family. You'll see their names on the outfield walls, the scoreboard, in our program, around the concourse, over the public address system and our radio broadcasts. These companies make professional baseball possible here in Northwest Chicagoland.

What follows is a guide to the fun and excitement as well as all your chances to take home some great FREE stuff at Boomers Stadium, with a special thanks to our outstanding Corporate Partners!


In the Wintrust Financial Follow the Money Cap Shuffle, play along from your seat, try to follow the bag of cash hidden under one of the hats as they whiz across the screen and scream out your guess when the hats stop. Who knows, you just might end up on the videoboard yourself to share your guess with Boomer Country!


         CHICAGO CENTER FOR ORTHOPEDICS                      ASK THE EXPERTS    

Dr. Danielle Bass from Chicago Center for Orthopedics helps fans better understand what to do in case of a serious injury with Ask the Experts! Having a doctor examine you is always the best option so don’t be a hero, visit the experts at Weiss Memorial Hospital for a consultation today!


Highland Baking Co. Mascot Race

Higland Baking Company presents the Mascot Race. Watch coop race against one lucky young fan around the bases after the first inning. Cheer on both races and see who comes out on top!  


Turn your attention to the field for the Aerosol Can Race, presented by the Midwest Aerosol Association! Cheer on your favorite continuous spray product including Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, or Shave Cream as they race across the outfield to determine the ultimate victor.


Relay For Life

During each home game, when a Boomers pitcher strikes out an opponent, Heidenhain will donate $10 to the Relay for Life! So cheer for the Boomers pitchers to record lots of strikeouts to raise money for charity!


Amtrak Target Toss 

Cheer for the lucky contestant trying to win round-trip train tickets in the Amtrak Target Toss! Think throwing a strike is easy? The pressure of a big prize is on as our contestant tries to throw a baseball for a strike to win! Visit for great trip ideas and enjoy your next journey on Amtrak!

Boomers fans, use promo code V821 for 30% off a companion fare! Some restrictions apply.



 Rockin' Jump Jousting Match


Rockin' Jump presents the Jousting Match! Watch as two knights battle for your honor and try to knock eachother's heads off! They try your hand at jousting at Rockin' Jump and get knocked into a gian foam pit!  


Jarosch Sweet Seats


Jarosch Bakery in Elk Grove Village has some treats for fans in the lucky seats! Keep an eye out for our promotions team delivering some free cookies to the fans in the sweet seats!











Get in on the action after each Boomers game for your chance to win cash and prizes in the Meijer Tennis Ball Toss! Fans are invited to purchase tennis balls from our vendor on the concourse during each game to throw at targets on the field after the game! Prizes include Boomers tickets, Meijer gift cards, or even a share of the tennis ball sales for the day!

 Anytime Fitness

7th Inning Stretch

Join Anytime Fitness as the lead the 7th Inning Stretch with some actual stretching. Let Anytime Fitness help you get to a healthier place by using some time during the 7th inning stretch to take care of your body.


DeVry Star of the Game

DeVry University celebrates the atheletes whose performance includes grit, perseverance, and ambition; the same g.p.a. held by DeVry students. If your g.p.a. includes grit, perseverance, and ambition, you’re our kind of different, too.  Visit to learn more about DeVry’s flexible program offerings which include online and onsite classes in the Schaumburg area.



 Arthur Murray Dance Inning

Get on your feet, its time to dance! Introducing the Arthur Murray Dance Inning, follow the insturctors from Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Schaumburg just off of Golf Rd as they lead some of todays most popular dances. the when you are ready to take your dancing to the next level, head over to the studio to take some real lessons and tell them the Boomers sent you!

 The Glenmark Hamburger Toss

The Boomers are proud to serve Glenmark Burgers in the concession stands and proud to throw Glenmark hamburgers into the crowd. Look for the Boomers staff throwing foam hamburgers into the crowd and be the lucky fan to snag one!



Align your business with Northwest Chicago's newest and most fun professional baseball team for your chance to associate your brand with fun times, smiles and the ultimate community partner! Call us today at 847.461.3695 and ask to speak with one of our Corporate Sales representatives.


 Garibaldi's Pizza Delivery

You've never seen a delievery person quite like this before! Coop will deliver a delicious Garibaldi's pizza to one lucky fant at Boomers Stadium. if you are that luck fan, remember pizza is better with firends so share with those around you.