What is a Boomer?

The Boomers name honors the Greater Prairie Chicken, a native bird of Illinois.

The word "boomer" is a nickname for the male Greater Prairie Chicken. It refers to the loud booming sound the bird makes as it “dances” to assert its dominance over other males during mating season.

The birds gather on flat prairie land, which is known as a “lek” or more commonly as the “booming grounds”. As they strut, stomp, flutter, and fight one another, the chickens display a few remarkable traits.

Greater Prairie Chickens have orange patches on each side of their faces, around their jowls. These patches inflate, as they are in our Boomers logo, and it’s from here that the chickens produce their signature sounds. The male chicken also has a yellow-orange comb of feathers above his eyes and a ring of feathers around his neck. Both rise when the bird is performing its courtship display.

The Male Greater Prairie Chicken Boomers Primary Logo

Prairie Chicken Facts